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Opus take up the challenge to fight Covid-19

Opus commences manufacture of PPE Face Shields for the NHS

Opus Technical are very proud to announce that they are now helping the fight against Covid-19 by manufacturing Full Face Shields for the NHS.

Using our state-of-the art 3D printing facilities we have been able, during this challenging period, to convert some of our manufacture over to helping the NHS in its fight against Covid-19.

Opus normally uses the 3D printing for specific parts of its range of Polyurethane Foam machines and decided that this production equipment could be converted to help the effort.

The Full Face Shield, with a 3D printed head support and acetate screen is used by health care workers to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from splashes, sprays and spatter.

We have trialled the proto-type with our local NHS Hospital and with some slight modifications have perfected a final design. Today we are going into full production and will be supplying the Full Face Shield free of charge to the NHS.

We are delighted that we can do our bit in this very challenging time.

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