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Maxfoam and Varimax

MAXFOAM is a continuous process slabstock machine that utilises the Trough and Fallplate technology.

The MAXFOAM process involves metering the polyurethane chemicals via accurate metering units to the mixing head where the chemicals are mixed together under controlled conditions and fed into a pre-expansion trough and Fallplate system. The Fallplate is adapted to the necessary length and configuration so that the foam will reach the horizontal conveyor as a fully expanded slab. The principal expansion takes place downwards over the steeply inclined fallplate. 

VARIMAX allows width change “on the fly”.


Production of Polyether foams

Low Pressure and High Pressure metering units

Metering units for special grade foams:-

  • Filled foams

  • HR & CMHR Foams

  •  Fire Retardant Foams

  •  Viscoelastic Foams

  • Foam production from 1000 tonnes per year

  • Production of Technical grade foams

Max block size 2.4metres  wide x 1.2metres 

Maxfoam and Varimax Capabilities
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