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Opus are the first to develop and install the combined high pressure liquid laydown and Fallplate technology.

Opus developed the ULTIMA™ range of continuous process slabstock machines to combine all the advantages of the MAXFOAM and CONVENTIONAL processes into one machine.

ULTIMA™ enables the manufacture of:-

1.  Standard MAXFOAM / VARIMAX production of Polyether foams

2.  Polyether and Polyester Foams – using Opus foam technology and the Opus ULTIMA™ continuous variable angle Fallplate – pin hole free controlled cell structure.

3.  Liquid Laydown Maxfoam for Polyether foams using the Opus ULTIMA™ Fallplate combining pin hole free laydown with the improved MAXFOAM block profile.

ULTIMA Capabilities

ULTIMA allows the production of Polyether and Polyester foams, including:

  • Filled foams

  • HR & CMHR Foams

  • Fire Retardant Foams

  • Viscoelastic Foams

  • Foam production to over 10,000 tonnes per year

  • Technical grade foams

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