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Silicone/Air Pre-Mixer

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Customer Requirement: To improve cell structure of the foam and reduce pin holes


OSP Solution: To design and supply a special pre-mixer for Silicone and Air.


The specially designed  Opus High Shear mixing unit  combines both rotary and static mixing which efficiently breaks down the nucleating gas bubbles and mixes them uniformly.


The Opus Silicone/Air Pre-mixer can be fitted to any existing Slabstock Machine to improve the cell structure control and reduce the amount of pin holes associated with the traditional method of introducing air directly into the polyol stream or Mixing Head.


It is compact, easy to install and fits into the silicone stream before or after the recirculation valve. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


The unit is complete and includes:

  •   Fixed  or Variable Speed AC drive, 3000 rpm

  •   Port Ring

  •   Lubricated seal housing

  •   Barrel

  •   Stirrer

  •   Mounting plate

  •   Outlet pressure control valve

Nucleating air or Nitrogen is added via a specially designed nozzle and can be controlled either by manual needle valve or thermal mass flowmeter.

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